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Fireworks claim their first fatal victim for December

Jueves, diciembre 13th, 2012

A 43-year old man became December’s first fatal victim of fireworks in Colombia, according to Valle’s University Hospital (HUV).

The victim, identified as Anuar Devia, was one of 15 people injured after a suitcase filled with fireworks exploded on board a bus covering the Cali-Palmira route last Friday.

Devia had burns on 20 percent of his face and hands and his lungs were also severely compromised. Another man injured in the same incident is currently in critical condition.

Added security for Medellín’s North

Jueves, diciembre 13th, 2012

More often than not, tourists can be spotted a mile away with their backpacks, sunglasses and video cameras. Thanks to recommendations from friends or fellow travelers, tourists are often inclined to visit the Carabobo Norte area, where 100,000 visitors are expected this holiday season.

In light of this increase in traffic, the city is providing additional security in the area so that sightseeing can be a peaceful, safe activity that both tourists and residents feel free to enjoy. Authorities are also asking visitors to take the obvious precautions and avoid making themselves a target for common delinquents.

Government insists reform doesn’t condone impunity

Jueves, diciembre 13th, 2012

With the military justice reform approved, the Government walked away satisfied with having achieved success in one of its top priority projects and keeping its promise to members of the Armed Forces, who were asking for judicial guarantees in the face of the armed conflict.

The reform was passed despite strong opposition from human rights defense groups who fear expanding the jurisdiction of military courts over crimes committed by members of the Military promotes impunity. Defense Minister, Juan Carlos Pinzón, insisted that the reform does not favor impunity nor does it constitute a step backwards in the struggle to protect human rights.

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