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Paralympic athletes pursue different goals

Viernes, diciembre 7th, 2012

Germán Naranjo and Elkin Serna won silver together at the Paralympics in London this past summer, but this weekend they’re after different things. In Medellín, Serna is being recognized in a ceremony at the ‘Cerro a Cerro’ race, which connects two hills: the Nutibara and the Volador; he will also be competing in the race.

“I am grateful for the act, for showing the community who Elkin Serna is,” the athlete said.

Meanwhile Naranjo is running the 15 Km race in Buga in hopes of securing a spot in Brazil’s traditional San Silvestre race, as well as financial support to get there.

Interbolsa shareholders fire Jaramillo

Viernes, diciembre 7th, 2012

Shareholders of the Interbolsa Group voted to remove its founder, Rodrigo Jaramillo, from the presidency; the same will go for financial vice-president, Jorge Arabia.

Shareholders also ordered the group to file a civil suit against Jaramillo and Arabia for damages and possible mismanagement as heads of the company. Ruth Estella Upegui, who is also Interbolsa’s legal representative, was selected as president-in-charge and will summon the board as soon as possible so that a new president may be chosen as soon as possible.

Holiday shoppers take over downtown Medellín

Viernes, diciembre 7th, 2012

In downtown Medellín, Christmas is in full swing and shoppers are scouting the stores for the best deals. Customers can choose where to shop depending on the kind of atmosphere they prefer.

For a quiet, easygoing experience, Junín and Camino Real may be preferable as those areas are more organized, street vendors aren’t competing with stores and crowds are smaller.

El Hueco, Berrío Park and San Antonio, however, are a different story as competition between formal and informal businesses is rampant and crowds are significantly larger. Street vendors will not be asked to leave, “there are just too many”, but they are being asked to maintain some order.

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