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45 municipalities will get education parks

Miércoles, noviembre 21st, 2012

The ceremony to announce the winners of a new education park was almost like a reality show, with hopefuls waiting anxiously for the moment when the towns with the best proposals would be revealed. Initially only 40 were going to be selected, from among 108 proposals, but judges felt it was necessary to take an additional five into consideration.

The Mayor of Alejandría was the happiest, the loudest fans were from Santa Rosa de Osos, the people from Peque celebrated the most, but none were more anxious than the Governor of Antioquia, Sergio Fajardo. Other winners include San Luis, Titiribí, Puerto Triunfo, El Retiro, Girardota, La Pintada, Santa Fe de Antioquia, Tarso, Sabanalarga, and Marinilla. Fajardo said he hopes to gather up the funds to build 80 education parks and begin construction by mid-2013.

Colombia will continue to defend its sovereignty

Miércoles, noviembre 21st, 2012

The presence of six Colombian warships on the 82nd meridian three days after the International Court of Justice made its ruling in the dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua sparked a reaction from the Nicaraguan Army, who claimed “it too can push it to the limit” and warned Colombia that, if it finds Colombian ships in territory that now belongs to Nicaragua, they will have to leave.

Colombia’s Foreign Relations Minister, Maria Angela Holguín, said the Government is planning a new judicial strategy to sort out what could easily be the most difficult situation the country has ever faced in terms of sovereignty.

Holguín said Colombia will be asking Costa Rica, Panama, Jamaica and the United States for advice and assistance and the option of backing out of the Pact of Bogotá is still on the table.

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