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State apologizes to wrongfully convicted woman

Jueves, noviembre 15th, 2012

Fifteen years ago, Alba Lucía Rodríguez was convicted of a crime she did not commit and sentenced to 42 years and ten months in prison. Yesterday Colombia’s Justice Minister, Ruth Stella Correa, apologized to Rodríguez on behalf of the State during a ceremony in Abejorral, in eastern Antioquia.

Correa publicly acknowledged Rodriguez’ innocence and admitted that the judicial system failed to protect her rights when it convicted her of infant homicide after the death of her baby during childbirth. In an emotional letter read to the public by a niece, Rodríguez thanked those who supported and believed in her enough to have her case revisited and her conviction overturned.

Medellín needs more developers

Jueves, noviembre 15th, 2012

Medellín has its sights set on being the most innovative and technologically savvy city but computer programmers and developers are few and far between, which makes for a major setback in the pursuit of this goal. Just last week Unity Technologies CEO, David Helgason, was in the country looking for a city in which to set up offices for Latin America.

According to experts, Medellín missed out on the chance because there aren’t enough people who know the craft in depth. This shortage could end up costing Medellín major opportunities in the future and while the Government is looking into short-term solutions, schools are also being urged to address the problem early and prepare students who can satisfy the demand for experts in the development of technology.

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