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Council focuses on forced disappearances

Miércoles, noviembre 7th, 2012

Yesterday’s City Council session focused on the issue of forced disappearance, which continues to affect Medellín and the Aburrá Valley.

Between January and November of this year there have been 643 missing person reports filed in Medellín; 263 of these victims were found alive and 36 of them dead, but the whereabouts and fate of the remaining 344 is unknown.

In the rest of Antioquia, guerrilla groups and criminal gangs are thought to be responsible for this type of crime, but in Medellín and the surrounding areas authorities believe criminal ‘combos’ are to blame.

Ruling will be handed down on November 19th

Miércoles, noviembre 7th, 2012

For decades, Colombia and Nicaragua have been involved in a maritime border dispute that will be settled on November 19th by the the International Court of Justice.

The Court’s decision will specify ownership of islands and keys in the San Andrés Archipelago other than San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. It will also settle the nations’ maritime borders, which Colombia feels must be established between the Archipelago and Nicaragua on the western side.

There’s no saving Interbolsa

Miércoles, noviembre 7th, 2012

After the Interbolsa brokerage firm was seized by Colombia’s financial authorities this past November 2nd, everybody was prepared to wait the two months that, according to regulators, it would take to assess the company’s situation and come up with possible solutions to save it. Hence the announcement of its impending liquidation just five days after the takeover comes as a surprise and leads many to believe that the issues affecting the brokerage were way more complex than the public was led to believe.

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