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Friday Editorial: ALBA and ideological diplomacy

Viernes, marzo 9th, 2012


The Cuban regime may be going through a rough patch politically, financially, agriculturally and in human rights, but its ideological influence clearly continues to be widespread among other Latin American countries.

Acknowledging said influence, however, doesn’t mean accepting Cuba’s disastrous regime as beneficial or even normal.

For years, Colombia felt the influence of the Castro brothers’ regime through the vicious actions of the guerrilla. Most recently our country found itself caught in the diplomatic crossfire between the Castro-sympathizing Alba nations, wanting to impose Cuba’s presence at the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, and others who oppose it, like the United States. Alba countries said they would not attend if Cuba was not invited.

After efforts by Colombia’s Foreign Relations Minister, Maria Angela Holguin, proved fruitless, President Santos took it upon himself to visit Cuba and meet with President Raul Castro. Santos subsequently explained why Cuba cannot attend the Summit and even President Raul Castro backed off saying he doesn’t want to create more turmoil for Colombia. In this sense Santos’ visit was, for now, the solution to a problem that could have taken a turn for the unmanageable. The question remains: what will be done with Cuba in future summits?

We feel an analysis is lacking. One that considers the possibility of allowing Cuba to attend and listen to talks about democracy and human rights, so that they see how the rest of the world does it. Meanwhile Colombia has a huge opportunity to put on an amazing event and hopefully show U.S. President Barack Obama the importance of Latin America to his country and how it may even be the solution to the crises faced by the world’s superpowers.

Goodbye, Calixto

Jueves, septiembre 10th, 2009
Excerpt from the Sept. 9 Editorial

Today Calixto is Resurrection and although his physical absence pains us, we know he made it to where, because of his kindness, he was meant to arrive: in Heaven. With us remain his teachings, his example, his word. He was a Teacher, with a capital letter. Today more than ever it’s appropriate to say goodbye. Goodbye, Calixto.
Father Gustavo Vélez Vásquez was born as Calixto in these pages. For 31 years he reflected on a Bible verse from Sunday, the day of the Lord, for those of us who are Christians. In the spaces dedicated to the education of families, he also wrote about parents and children in simple terms, in keeping with human and obviously Christian values.

But his dedication to communication as a life teaching tool went beyond that. For years he wrote brief texts with messages for special dates in an effort to make sure that his audience did not walk away with the commercial message of the classic holidays: Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day.

Later Calixto entered through the doors of Televida with masses that attracted with their deeply human messages, simple and transcendent, like the ones he wrote for this newspaper.

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Colombia’s foreign investment

Miércoles, septiembre 2nd, 2009
Excerpt from September 2 editorial

As a way to exchange information and pick up on recommendable practices, it would be a good idea for Colombian multinationals to organize an informal group sponsored by ANDI. This would facilitate a dialogue with the public sector as well as generate an early alert system. Besides, the Minister of the Treasury should create a committee that includes several ministries and the Bank of the Republic.

Colombian companies’ investments beyond national borders are gaining importance. The phenomenon has been accentuated parallel to an increase in foreign investment in Colombia. Just as the increase in exports is accompanied by a higher volume of imports, investment flow in both directions reveals dynamic behavior.

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H1N1 virus: a disease that hits all of us

Martes, septiembre 1st, 2009
Excerpt from September 1st Editorial

President Alvaro Uribe’s illness brings the H1N1 pandemic once again to our attention, reminding us that the issue concerns us all. To take care of one’s health is to watch out for the health and wellbeing of our community, in an attitude that is as civic and healthy as it is responsible.

The fact that Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez became patient number 621 in the country to test positive for the H1N1 virus reaffirms two essential aspects of the disease. The first is that this virus can attack anyone, regardless of their age or occupation. The second is that the way in which every person and institution handles the situation, from acknowledging symptoms to treating it and following doctors’ orders, is crucial to the subsequent development of the illness.

Metroplus? Sure, but not at any cost

Jueves, agosto 6th, 2009
Excerpt from August 6th Editorial

Let it be known that we agree with the urgent need for a comprehensive mass transportation system to solve mobility problems affecting not just Medellín, but the entire Metropolitan Area.

What we feel is dangerous and inconvenient is to try to fix Metroplus problems at the cost of the Metro’s viability. It’s time to make decisions that may be unpopular, but protect common interests.

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