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License changes coming up

Viernes, noviembre 27th, 2009

Next year Colombians will may need to update their driver’s licenses and trade them for a document that will incorporate an electronic mechanism that reads information with either a barcode or a chip.

It’s outlined in the bill that modifies the current transit code which is under consideration from the Constitutional Court. The High Tribunal would review the corrections to objections made in recent months by the Presidency; it could be law by February.

Verify your driver’s license

Viernes, enero 9th, 2009


If you need to know whether or not your driver’s license is legal and current, you may refer to the Ministry of Transportation webpage at and click on the consult online or consult driver’s license links.

Use your identification number to verify if you have a legal license. If it does not appear, it may be that the office responsible for filing it in the data base has not yet done so and you can request a completion by addressing them directly.

However, if it does not show up this way either, you may have been tricked and have a false document in your possession.

Andean Ford isn’t worried

Viernes, enero 2nd, 2009

The Ford president for the Andean region, Gabriel López, gave a reassuring message regarding the situation of the company in the United States and the world.

He said the bailouts from the U.S. Congress are preventive measures which will allow the brand to use them if the financial crisis drags out for longer than expected.

For now, Ford is the only American car manufacturer not using the funds right away, because it has the money to tend to short term needs.

Runt will operate in 2009

Viernes, diciembre 26th, 2008


As of May 2009 the Runt System, which stands for Registro Unico Nacional de Tránsito and refers to being the only national traffic registry, will begin to operate in Colombia.

Runt is a technological tool which allows the consolidation of traffic and transportation information in the country to facilitate transparency and speed in proceedings before traffic and transportation authorities.

Social work on two wheels

Viernes, diciembre 5th, 2008



A group of motorcyclists from Antioquia make it a point to do something for a less fortunate community every year. This year the municipality of Uramita and 180 of its children were able to enjoy games, recreational activities and even gifts donated by businesses and people from Medellín.

The Motoantioquia Club and its 43 members made a 7-hour trip through mud and rain to get to this town in Western Antioquia.

200 thousand cars will be sold in 2009

Viernes, noviembre 21st, 2008


Compañía Colombiana Automotriz (CCA), an automobile manufacturing company which assembles cars for Mazda models, among others, in the Andean region, indicated that financial uncertainty will certainly have an effect on the Colombian automotive market.

President of CCA, Fabio Sánchez, explained that he predicts sales of 190 to 200,000 new cars in 2009, which would still place it among the best years of activity in the country.  He added that after the crisis there will be plenty of space to grow, because less cars are sold per person in Colombia than in Ecuador or Venezuela.

Dodge, back in Colombia

Viernes, octubre 3rd, 2008


The Dodge ram, a symbol familiar with the roads and streets of Colombia, returns after a 16-year absence. The brand is looking at Colombia as part of its strategy to branch out into markets other than the United States, Mexico and Canada.

In order to accomplish this Dodge, which is part of the Chrysler Group, has redefined its strategy and will be introducing more international vehicles. One of them, the one that will reintroduce the brand to Colombia, is the Journey Crossover, a vehicle with the personality of an SUV, the comfort of a sedan, and the spaciousness of a minivan.

Sandero, new from Renault

Viernes, septiembre 19th, 2008


French multinational Renault launched its new automobile, Sandero, with which it hopes to gain some ground in the markets of not just Colombia, but also Venezuela, Ecuador and even Mexico. The vehicle is manufactured at the Sofasa plant in Medellin and will be available October 1st.

With a 1,600 cc engine and 90 horse power, the Sandero has a more modern design than the Renault Logan, because it’s a 5-door. 35% of its parts are Colombian.

The Sandero has already been commercialized in Argentina and Brazil, and has been well received in Sofasa directors’ opinions, backed by the sale of over 21 thousand units so far.

It’s a big hand for Renault to play given the current situation of Colombia’s automotive market, and the region’s context; with it the company is looking to consolidate its presence, from Colombia, in the regional market.

The car of the future

Viernes, septiembre 12th, 2008


Two Colombian industrial designers, both students at the National University, are among the finalists selected by French car manufacturer Peugeot in its Annual Vehicle Design Contest.

This year, the challenge was to design a vehicle that can “evolve within the cities of the future”. People can vote until Monday, September 15th, for their favorite design on

Checking oil levels, a good habit to get into

Viernes, agosto 22nd, 2008


Checking the oil levels on your car, something a responsible car owner does every morning, is proof of the importance of lubrication in the vehicle’s operation. One piece of advice from experts in the subject is to always change your oil within the time frames recommended by manufacturers. It’s also important to keep in mind that factory oils are recommended because they are made especially for the engine’s characteristics. When you change your oil it’s also important to change the filter. The rule is: new oil, new filter.

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