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Maduro says Venezuela doesn’t need mediation

Viernes, marzo 7th, 2014

The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated that his country “does not need mediation” to get out of the crisis it’s facing and asked for an end to the “conspiracies” by the United States government to “reconquer” Latin America.

“I have a responsibility towards everything that’s happening in my country, that’s why I am the President. I accept that responsibility,” Maduro said. What Venezuela needs, he explained, is cooperation.

Last week the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, said his country was working closely with others in the region to facilitate some kind of mediation in the Venezuelan crisis. Meanwhile, the Permanent Council of the OAS resumed its debate on the matter behind closed doors after discussing it in small groups for three hours earlier in the day.

During an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Maduro said he is “absolutely” convinced that the United States wants to ‘reconquer’ Latin America and claimed there is evidence leaked by Wikileaks or Ed Snowden that proves the U.S. wanted to ‘destroy’ the late Hugo Chávez.

The U.S. is talking to Colombia about mediation in Venezuela

Viernes, febrero 28th, 2014

The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, said his country is working closely with Colombia and other countries to arrange for some type of mediation in Venezuela; he also said it’s not inappropriate for the U.S. to consider possible sanctions against Venezuela.

“We are working very closely with Colombia and other countries to see how we could produce some type of mediation, because it’s been demonstrated that it will be difficult for the parts to agree to something on their own,” Mr. Kerry said after meeting with Colombia’s Foreign Relations Minister, Maria Angela Holguín.

Mr. Kerry explained that the U.S. has repeatedly shown interest in developing a more constructive relationship with Venezuela but the country has decided, “time and time again, to go in a different direction and often tries to blame the United States for its own lack of governance and inattention to both its economy and establishing dialogue with its own citizens.”

Venezuela, the Secretary of State said, has “created a fictional scenario in which it’s easy to blame us, despite the fact that we have done nothing intrusive, nor have we made any effort or attempted to do anything but try to have a normal relationship.”

The permanent council of the OAS (Organization of American States) is planning to meet soon to determine whether a meeting between Foreign Relations ministers of the continent should be summoned, as was suggested by the Panamanian Government.  Maduro’s government, however, has rejected the idea and said it feels Unasur is a more appropriate forum and would prefer mediation by Uruguayan President, Jose Mujica, who also offered assistance.

Protests against the Government in Venezuela have already caused eight deaths, not to mention hundreds of injured and detained.

Protests in Venezuela have caused 16 deaths

Martes, febrero 25th, 2014

As protests continue throughout Venezuela, the death of yet another demonstrator in Maracay brought the death count from recent weeks’ demonstrations up to 16.  The man’s body was discovered outside a business establishment that had been looted.

Meanwhile Caracas had another day of protests after dozens of demonstrators gathered in a square in eastern Caracas and marched peacefully towards the Cuban Embassy, where they were met by hundreds of national guardsmen who blocked them from the building.

El Chapo wants to avoid extradition to the U.S.

Lunes, febrero 24th, 2014

Attorneys for one of the world’s most wanted drug lords, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, who was arrested on Saturday in Mexico, filed a formal request to avoid his extradition to the United States just hours after the suspect was indicted on charges of drug trafficking and organized crime.

El ‘Chapo’, known as the head of the Sinaloa Cartel, was arrested on Saturday in an operation coordinated by Mexican marines and U.S. authorities in a condominium in Mazatlán, where he was hiding after escaping from another one of his properties through a tunnel hidden underneath a bathtub.

Authorities who spoke on condition of anonymity said Guzman was armed at the time of his arrest and was accompanied by his wife, beauty queen Emma Coronel. A man believed to be El Chapo’s bodyguard is also being held for questioning but his wife was released as there are no outstanding charges against her. El Chapo is being held in a maximum security facility in the State of Mexico; there are pending charges against him in at least seven U.S. courts.

Maduro revokes CNN press credentials

Viernes, febrero 21st, 2014

The Venezuelan Government revoked CNN journalists’ press credentials after President Nicolás Maduro accused them of distorting the information presented to viewers about the situation in Venezuela in what he referred to as “war propaganda” against his country.

Reporters were ordered out of the country immediately and their broadcasts suspended, unless they rectify the information Maduro considers misleading.

In a statement, the news network said it has “reported both sides of the tense situation in Venezuela, even with very limited access to government officials. On Thursday, Patricia Janiot was arranging an interview with President Maduro.”

“We hope the Government reconsiders its decision,” the statement adds, “Meanwhile we will continue reporting on Venezuela in the fair and balanced manner that characterizes us”.

The Venezuelan president already took Colombian channel NTN24 off the air.

Uribe accuses Venezuela of promoting violence

Miércoles, febrero 19th, 2014

Former Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe, accused the Venezuelan Government of promoting violence and supplying weapons to gangs created for the purpose of abusing political dissidents. Mr. Uribe urged the democratic world to demand the immediate release of opposition leader Leopoldo López, who turned himself into authorities on Tuesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The Government of Venezuela is accusing López for the confrontations that took place a week ago after a student protest that ended with three people dead and and dozens of people injured, while the opposition blames Maduro for violence.

“It’s what Maduro learned from the late Hugo Chávez, and Chávez from Castro (Fidel)”, Mr. Uribe said, warning Colombians about the risk of contagion.

López’ first hearing in Venezuela is today

Miércoles, febrero 19th, 2014

Venezuela’s Attorney General, Luisa Ortega Diaz, said opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez is guaranteed due process and his human rights will be respected. An investigation against López is underway.

A first hearing is scheduled for today in Caracas’ Justice Palace. Authorities are holding López responsible for violent incidents that have taken place in Venezuela over the past few days, which resulted in three people dead, more than 70 injured and millions in damages to public buildings.

The hearing is the first step in determining whether or not López will stand trial; he is facing charges of homicide and terrorism.

Beauty queen injured in protest dies

Miércoles, febrero 19th, 2014

A former Venezuelan beauty queen, Génesis Carmona, died from injuries sustained during a protest in the State of Carabobo on Tuesday; Carmona was shot in the head. She was a college student and also worked as a professional model. She participated in Fashion Week in Valencia just a few days ago. Seven other people were injured during the same protest.

Cubans stranded in Eldorado tore up return tickets

Viernes, enero 10th, 2014

A group of Cuban citizens waiting for Colombian authorities to authorize their entry to the country in Bogotá tore up the tickets given to them by the airline Avianca for their return to Cuba. The group of six insists they can’t return to the repression that awaits them in Cuba and is asking Colombian authorities to grant them asylum so that they may leave the airport.

However, the Foreign Relations Ministry of Colombia says the Cubans do not meet the requirements for asylum and asked Avianca Airlines to oversee arrangements for them to return to the island. While the Cubans said they will refuse to voluntarily board a plane back to Cuba, they also said their actions will remain peaceful. They plan to start a hunger strike on Friday.

World citizens voices can be heard

Miércoles, junio 5th, 2013

With just a click from a phone or computer, citizens of the world can let world leaders know what their priorities are for a better world after the year 2015, which is the target date for countries to meet the Millenium Development Goals (MDG).

As of Wednesday, when the United Nations’ My World campaign opened for Latin America, more than 600,000 people had voted.

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