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Economy gets a boost with World Cup

Viernes, junio 27th, 2014

The fact that Colombia is back into a round of 16 at the World Cup after 24 years doesn’t just boost Colombians’ pride, the economy will also reap the benefits. Tomorrow’s game against Uruguay will rake in some 30,000 million pesos for restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and other locations in the Aburrá Valley where fans will gather to watch the game together and, as has been the case in the past three games, celebrate.

Fenalco’s director in Antioquia, Sergio Ignacio Soto, said Colombia’s participation in the World Cup 2014 is now the fourth highest grossing occasion after Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. “We know that there are no longer any tables available at many restaurants in popular areas like Lleras Park, la 70, and other places where people traditionally gather for celebrations (…)”he explained. In the quarter between April and June, television sales increased 50 percent; Colombian soccer-related merchandise has also been flying off shelves, giving another healthy boost to retail sales, both formal and informal.

Colombia wins 3rd game, finishes top of the group with 9 points

Martes, junio 24th, 2014

Colombia cruised into the round of 16 at the World Cup in Brazil after sending Japan home in the third and final game of the group round. Final results were 4 to 1.

The evening included a new record as well, with the appearance of Faryd Mondragon in the final seven minutes of the game as the oldest player (43) ever to participate in a game in World Cup history.

Falcao is on the preliminary roster

Martes, mayo 13th, 2014

Although Colombian soccer star, Radamel Falcao Garcia, is still recovering from a serious injury to his left knee sustained back in January, his name was included in the preliminary roster for the soccer team that will represent Colombia in the  World Cup this summer in Brazil.

Falcao Garcia’s injury devastated Colombian fans concerned that he may not recover in time for the World Cup; doctors have been cautiously optimistic about the athlete’s chance of making a full recovery in time for the event but made no promises.

Colombia is part of Group C and will face off with Greece, the Ivory Coast and Japan; the team, returning to the World Cup after a 16-year absence, will debut on June 14th.

Falcao optimistic about making full recovery

Lunes, enero 27th, 2014

In a press conference, Colombian soccer player Radamel Falcao,  along with Portuguese surgeon Dr. Jose Carlos Noronha and the physician for the Colombian national soccer selection, Dr. Carlos Ulloa, the athlete said he is very optimistic about the possibility of making a full recovery in time to participate in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Falcao suffered a serious injury to his right knee during a game last Wednesday; he underwent surgery on Saturday.

“I am very willing to do everything in my power,” Falcao said, making it clear that from this point forward he is trying to beat the clock but he won’t force his recovery either.

The athlete has been in constant contact with the head coach of Colombia’s selection, Jose Pekerman, who was understandably upset with the situation but knows that the number one priority is Falcao’s health. According to Dr. Noronha, it’s too soon to say whether or not the athlete will be able to play in Brazil but he’s giving him a 50 % chance. Falcao’s injury will be evaluated again in three months.

Dr. Noronha did, however, reject statements made by other doctors who claim than an injury of this type requires a minimum of six months for full recovery. “The studies were all conducted before the technology we have today existed…Falcao is a great athlete and his physical condition will help his recovery tremendously.”

A heartbroken Falcao isn’t ruling out recovery in time for Brazil

Jueves, enero 23rd, 2014

For the first time since his injury during the game against Chasselay in the French Cup on Wednesday, Colombian Radamel Falcao (Monaco forward) spoke out after learning that it’s likely he will remain on the sidelines for at least six months, crushing hopes of participating in the World Cup in Brazil this summer.

“I am not going to hide my sadness, which is tremendous, my heart is broken, but I have a tiny grain of hope that I am holding on to,” the athlete said in his statement, making it clear that he is not ruling out a possible recovery in time to play for Colombia in Brazil.

On his Twitter account, Falcao posted heartfelt thanks to supporters and fans who showered him with messages of support and encouragement. Teammates from Atlético Madrid, Falcao’s previous team, ran onto the soccer field before their game against Athletic sporting “Fuerza Tigre” (Strength Tiger) on their jerseys, a gesture the Colombian striker appreciated and thanked them wholeheartedly for.

Meanwhile Soner Ertek, the athlete responsible for Falcao’s injuries, claims he is being verbally attacked on social media and that he received threats. Falcao is scheduled to undergo surgery on Saturday in Portugal.

Pino refuses to get tested for alcohol

Martes, octubre 29th, 2013

Fans of Independiente Medellín were thrilled to hear that Juan Pablo Pino was returning, considering he is one of the best soccer players to be on the team in recent years.

However, the athlete may not be taking his return as seriously as fans would have hoped and is again making headlines for refusing to allow his blood alcohol to be tested, after rumors circulated that he had been around town drinking.

On Monday Pino walked off the field during practice and was also absent from Tuesday’s training. Coach Pedro Sarmiento said the athlete has made his own choices. “The president (of the club) will comment on this. The athlete can figure out how to solve the problem, if he’s not at practice it’s because something happened and I doubt it’s anything good, otherwise he’d be a starter.” Sarmiento said that Pino is simply not meeting the disciplinary standards of the institution he represents and he has “to protect it above anything else.”

Nacional, successful away from home

Lunes, julio 15th, 2013

Atlético Nacional was unable to beat Santa Fé in the first game of the Postobón League finals, and now the team will have to fight for that 12th star as the visiting team.

Considering how successful other games away from home have been this season, however, experts and athletes feel confident it can be done. Of twelve games played as visitors, Nacional only lost two, and the points it racked up as a visitor are the ones that got it into the finals.

Nacional waits for answers as it plans for next year

Viernes, diciembre 21st, 2012

Yesterday, the executives at the head of Atlético Nacional were waiting for answers from one goalkeeper, one midfielder and a forward in their attempt to build a strong and competitive team that is prepared to take on the challenges of the 2013 season, when expectations will be high not just for local tournaments but also for the South American Cup.

Farid Diaz’ contract renewal was being finalized yesterday, and the decision to sign Alejandro Bernal was also announced; in the case of John Valoy, the player was given the freedom to choose his future with either Nacional, Alianza Petrolera or a club in Bogotá, but odds are he will choose to stay where he is.

Jackson Martínez makes history with Porto

Miércoles, octubre 24th, 2012

Chocó-native Jackson Martínez made history yesterday by scoring two goals in Porto’s game against Dinamo Kiev in Europe’s Champions League; the game ended in a 3-2 victory for Porto.

In addition, the first goal scored by the striker was made with an assist from fellow countryman James Rodríguez, which makes it a 100% Colombian accomplishment.

A Colombian soccer player had not achieved anything similar in the League since Faustino Asprilla’s hat-trick for Newcastle against Barcelona more than a decade ago.

Sunday will be about soccer and music

Jueves, octubre 18th, 2012

On Sunday fans can head to the Atanasio Girardot stadium to watch Atlético Nacional battle Equidad, of course, but also for entertainment in honor of Fan Day.

J. Balvin, one of Colombia’s top reggaetton performers, will be putting on a show to help fans celebrate and cheer their team on. Nacional also has contests planned and will give away a car.

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