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Cutting edge technology helps catch potential fraudsters

Martes, diciembre 16th, 2008


Digilog technology along with Kerry Furber’s experience gave way to a telephone lie detector, an instrument through which it’s possible to identify potential fraudsters.

The tool, which has been implemented successfully in several European and Latin American countries, is installed in phone lines and determines whether or not someone is lying by analyzing variations in the tones of a customer’s voice.

The program is being used by insurance companies, financial institutions and Government entities.

Several companies in Colombia have been using it as part of a trial.

iPhone fever hits Colombia

Viernes, agosto 22nd, 2008

Apple’s most recent gem is finally in Colombia. The iPhone 3g was released on Friday in 20 Latin American countries. In Medellín, the cell phone company Movistar opened their store on Thursday at midnight for those who simply could not wait until daylight to get their hands on this new device, people were lined up in the rain since before midnight. The iPhone has the advantage of high speed internet, as well as an mp3 player; you can even find a street or landmark if you get lost with its built-in GPS.

Prices range between 489 thousand pesos and 1.3 million pesos, roughly 260 to 700 US dollars. Prepaid plans are not yet available on the new phone, but customers could get information on the 8GB and 16GB versions of the iPhone, which have not yet been released.

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