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Franco feels El Castillo censored his work

Miércoles, mayo 14th, 2014

Jorge Franco was looking forward to launching his novel The Outside World (El Mundo de Afuera) at the El Castillo Museum in Medellín, but he received a call notifying him that the event had been cancelled and the venue moved to the PanAmerican Theater. Franco believes the museum board “censored my novel and cancelled its presentation. Their blindness and stupidity won’t allow them to differentiate between the reality of fiction and they feel my novel is morally wrong because it portrays the characters’ human side. For Franco, the museum was the ideal place to launch his novel, which tells the story of Diego Echavarría Misas, his wife Benedikta, and their daughter Isolda, in a fictional story that deals with love and also violence in Medellín in the 70′s. He explained that it’s important to understand that the book is fictional and while it’s based on a reality, it must be read as a novel.

As far the museum’s side of the story, director Martha Ligia Jaramillo responded to the author’s accusations and said, “we are not we ware not banning or interfering with the book launch. There are other places where it can be held. We disagree with the image he presents of Don Diego and Isolda, he presents them completely different from what they really were like. When he asked us if he could present at the Museum we said he could, as long as he respected the family’s image and he said he did. We asked him for a copy of his book. After the board members read it, they made their decision, (…) he can publish anything he wants, but we have the right to do whatever we want in our establishment,” Jaramillo said.

Hundreds bid farewell to Gabo in Bogotá

Martes, abril 22nd, 2014

“Gabo was light of the world and salt of the earth,” said Monsignor Rubén Salazar during a religious ceremony in Bogotá to honor Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombia’s Nobel Prize winning writer who passed away on Thursday at the age of 87.

Colombia’s President, Juan Manuel Santos, attended the mass accompanied by his wife, Maria Clemencia Rodriguez; also in attendance were former presidents Cesar Gaviria, Belisario Betancur, Ernesto Samper and the heads of all Colombian ministries.

“Gabriel Garcia Marquez managed to capture Colombia in magic and poetry,which is why I urge you to pay tribute to him in the best possible way: we need to get closer to his books, read them and reread them and allow those words to continue to live on in our homes, our minds and our hearts,” President Santos said during the tribute.

“Gabo wasn’t just a writer, nor was he just the only Colombian Nobel prize winner until now, Gabo committed himself to the country, he was always concerned with justice, education, and above all the achievement of peace, he searched for it, worked for it and we will continue this task in his memory,” President Santos said, emphasizing the peace process his administration has inittaed wit the Farc guerrilla.

At the end of the ceremony, a ‘vallenato’ group played some of Garcia Marquez’ favorite tunes, a performance reminiscent of that October 21st in Stockholm when Colombia stood out for its literary masterpieces instead of violence.

President will attend García Márquez’ funeral

Lunes, abril 21st, 2014

A Colombian delegation left for Mexico this morning to participate in the final farewell to Colombia’s Nobel Prize winning writer, Gabriel García Márquez, who passed away last Thursday in Mexico City at the age of 87; the funeral is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

President Juan Manuel Santos accompanied by Labor Minister, Rafael Pardo, Justice Minister, Alfonso Gomez, and four journalists who were close to García Marquez will be attending the service. Before leaving, the President made a brief statement announcing the apppointment of Maria Mercedes Maldonado as Bogotá’s new mayor in charge.

The tribute to Gabriel García Márquez will take place in Mexico City’s Palace of Fine Arts.

‘Pacheco’ dies at 81

Martes, febrero 11th, 2014

Colombia’s most beloved television host, Fernando González Pacheco, died this evening in a Bogotá hospital.  The 81-year-old had been in the hospital for the past few days for respiratory complications.

Hospital director Jorge Ospina, who announced the sad news to the country with an official statement, said that González, who was fondly known by Colombians as ‘Pacheco’ , had been battling cardiac and respiratory disease for the past three years and was hospitalized a number of times over the course of that time.

‘Pacheco’ began his career in television in 1957.

One of his good friends, Daniel Samper Pizano, with whom Pacheco shared a love for the Santa Fe soccer team of Bogotá, referred to him as the “Colombian television’s greatest entertainer”. Considering his career began back when TV shows were broadcast live, Pacheco’s wit and ability to improvise were even more impressive. His innate talent for hosting game shows, musical events, and even reading news reports turned him into a pioneer for television in Colombia. He was also a well respected bullfighting commentator, boxer, and even parachutist.

Pacheco’s legacy spans over generations who will remember him for shows like Animalandia and Sabariedades, and game shows like Compre la Orquesta and El Programa del Millón. For several years he also hosted his own talk show “Charlas con Pacheco” (Chats with Pacheco).

Incredibly versatile, Pacheco also played unforgettable characters on television series like Yo y Tú (Me and You) and Música Maestro. He starred in La Caponera as himself and, most recently, as Leonidas Vargas in Isabel me la veló.

Juanes responds to ex-manager’s slander

Lunes, febrero 10th, 2014

It’s no secret that the relationship between Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Juanes  and his former manager, Fernán Martínez, did not end on good terms. While Juanes has preferred to remain silent about the whole thing, Fernán Martínez has done the exact opposite and reignites the controversy every time he talks about Juanes.

Most recently, Martínez surprised people by referring to the musician as a “coward, a rip-off and an ingrate”, and also spoke negatively of his family. As usual, Juanes kept comments to himself. Until this weekend, that is.

During an interview with Telemundo, a reporter asked Juanes pointblank about his former manager’s remarks. The artist responded with a brief respectful, and direct statement: “On that issue I prefer to hold on to the good memories that we have of the years we worked together and my family as well as myself send him, wherever he may be, blessings and our warmest regards.”

He refused to say anything further.

No Golden Globe for Sofia Vergara

Lunes, enero 13th, 2014

For the fourth year in a row, Colombians were disappointed that Sofia Vergara did not take home the Golden Globe for best supporting actress in a series, miniseries or TV movie. This year the Barranquilla-native, who stars in ABC’s wildly popular sitcom Modern Family, was up against Janet McTeer (White Queen), Hayden Panetierre (Nashville), Monica Potter (Parenthood), and Jacqueline Bisset, who won for her role in Dancing on the Edge.

Sofia may not have taken home the Golden Globe, but she’s still currently the best paid TV actress in Hollywood and delights fans week after week with her portrayal of the hilarious Gloria Delgado-Pritchett.

The Golden Globes are awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press to the best of television and motion pictures in the U.S.

Martha Stewart visits Medellín

Lunes, marzo 18th, 2013

American lifestyle guru and business magnate, Martha Stewart, was in Medellín and surrounding areas this past weekend. ”We had a great time in the newly crowned ‘most innovative city’ Medellin. We learned so much about politics, food, horticulture and beauty”, she tweeted for 2,5 million Twitter followers.

On Saturday night, Stewart talked about visiting Carmen de Viboral, where she “looked at orchids and beautiful hand-painted pottery. Had a true Colombian meal for lunch”.

“In medellin-everyone exhausted after day of travel-watching woody allen and ordering in pizza-i never do this in US,” she said in another tweet.

Carlos Vives invites ‘paisas’ to write a reggaetton

Jueves, enero 31st, 2013

As EL COLOMBIANO’s director-in-charge and to celebrate the newspaper’s 101st anniversary, singer/songwriter Carlos Vives is inviting ‘paisas’ to write the lyrics to a song about love, filled with the traditional values that distinguish the people of Antioquia. Vives was asked to be EL COLOMBIANO’s ‘director for a day’ in honor of the upcoming birthday.

Residents of Medellín or any other town in Antioquia, ages 15 and up, are eligible to participate in the contest. Lyrics must be about love and may not have any sexual content or be offensive to women in any way. People are encouraged to remember that the winning lyrics are meant to be a reggaetton, produced and recorded by Carlos Vives and his studio, Gaira Música Local.

The deadline to submit an entry is Sunday, February 3rd at midnight. Carlos Vives will select the winning lyrics himself and the winner will be announced in a special anniversary edition of EL COLOMBIANO scheduled for publication on February 6th.

Bullfights remain the same, La Macarena starts tomorrow

Jueves, enero 17th, 2013

The 22nd La Macarena Bullfighting Festival kicks off tomorrow at 4:00 pm with Spaniards Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza and David Mora and Bogotá native, Ramsés, in the ring.

Santiago Tobón, the executive director of Cormacarena, the festival’s organizer, explained that the fights will have all three parts including the animal’s death, except in the case of a pardon.

Last year several local leaders, including Medellín’s Mayor, Anibal Gaviria, and 17 out of 21 councilmembers, campaigned to eliminate pain, suffering and death from bullfights but the effort didn’t make it very far and failed to bring about the changes they were asking for.

Government will take immediate action to protect hat industry

Viernes, enero 11th, 2013

The import of 944,081 imitation ‘vueltiao’ hats from China is jeopardizing the economy of the Zenú people of Córdoba, the manufacturers of the traditional hats.

The National Government plans to take immediate action to protect the industry, with the cooperation of Dian (the national tax and customs authority), and will not only ban imitations but also meet with the Zenú community next week to assess the situation.

One of the Chinese companies that makes the imitation hats is the Cangnan Fanlin Arts & Gifts Co. Ltda, but in China there are hundreds of factories that copy accessories from all over the world. For decades, the Chinese have made imitation cowboy hats as well as copied and commercialized hats from other countries in South and Central America. For the Chinese, therefore, the controversy sparked in Colombia by the most recent knockoff is practically meaningless given that Colombia is just another destination among many for their products.

Artesanías de Colombia, a branch of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Commerce, is urging people, especially merchants and consumers, to value the items born from the originality, creativity and ability of hundreds of Colombians whose livelihood depends on the manufacture of products like the ‘vueltiao’ hat.

This particular hat was born in the savannahs of Córdoba and Sucre and is considered a national symbol. While it’s unknown exactly when the first one was made, they have undergone constant evolution. At the beginning they were plain cream-colored hats and the black designs all around it came along later.

The hats are currently made with cañaflecha in black and khaki. While it used to be an activity exclusive to men, women now do it as well and the use of machines is permitted.

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