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Falcao optimistic about making full recovery

Lunes, enero 27th, 2014

In a press conference, Colombian soccer player Radamel Falcao,  along with Portuguese surgeon Dr. Jose Carlos Noronha and the physician for the Colombian national soccer selection, Dr. Carlos Ulloa, the athlete said he is very optimistic about the possibility of making a full recovery in time to participate in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Falcao suffered a serious injury to his right knee during a game last Wednesday; he underwent surgery on Saturday.

“I am very willing to do everything in my power,” Falcao said, making it clear that from this point forward he is trying to beat the clock but he won’t force his recovery either.

The athlete has been in constant contact with the head coach of Colombia’s selection, Jose Pekerman, who was understandably upset with the situation but knows that the number one priority is Falcao’s health. According to Dr. Noronha, it’s too soon to say whether or not the athlete will be able to play in Brazil but he’s giving him a 50 % chance. Falcao’s injury will be evaluated again in three months.

Dr. Noronha did, however, reject statements made by other doctors who claim than an injury of this type requires a minimum of six months for full recovery. “The studies were all conducted before the technology we have today existed…Falcao is a great athlete and his physical condition will help his recovery tremendously.”

Nacional will fight to play at the Atanasio

Miércoles, noviembre 20th, 2013

After a lengthy meeting that started at 8:00 a.m., the executive directors of the Atlético Nacional soccer club decided they will appeal a decision by Medellín’s Mayoralty banning them from playing the game against Itagui at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

For Nacional president, Juan Carlos de la Cuesta said the club rejects all acts of violence surrounding soccer and has taken action on more than one occasion to promote coexistence and fair play in soccer, therefore the team and its executives feel their rights are being violated and the decision is unfair.

The Mayoralty’s decision was prompted by acts of vandalism committed last Sunday against the bus transporting the Millonarios athletes and violent behavior targeting players and fans inside the stadium as well.

If the appeal is unsuccessful, Envigado’s Mayoralty is willing to let the game take place in that city’s stadium.

Colombia hopes to finish in top five of Pan American karate championship

Viernes, agosto 30th, 2013

Venezuela is dominating the competition at the Junior Pan American Karate Championships, which is being held in Medellín and comes to a close today. 80 competitors from 23 countries are fighting for medals in 50 categories.

As of yesterday, 15 gold medals had already been awarded, and eight of them went to the Venezuelans. Colombia earned two, as did Chile, while Mexico, Argentina, and the United States got one each.

The head of the Colombian Karate Federation, Pilar López, said Medellín was chosen as host because of its venues, hotels, and the fact that it’s a “kind city.”

Nacional, successful away from home

Lunes, julio 15th, 2013

Atlético Nacional was unable to beat Santa Fé in the first game of the Postobón League finals, and now the team will have to fight for that 12th star as the visiting team.

Considering how successful other games away from home have been this season, however, experts and athletes feel confident it can be done. Of twelve games played as visitors, Nacional only lost two, and the points it racked up as a visitor are the ones that got it into the finals.

Medellín, ahead of the game for the YOG

Jueves, junio 20th, 2013

Medellín met its goal for Sunday’s Olympic Day 5K, with 46.000 participants at the close of registration. According to Inside the Games magazine, Medellín is also ahead of its rivals, Glasgow and Buenos Aires, in terms of votes for host city of the Youth Olympic Games in 2018.

Voting closes on July 2nd and results will be revealed on the 4th of July.

Video shows IOC what Medellín has to offer

Martes, mayo 7th, 2013

I think I’ll end up crying,” says Alejandro Arango from Contento Films talking about Medellín and videos produced by the company to support the city’s candidacy to host the Youth Olympic Games, “Our city has so much to show.”

The ‘technical’ video was shown at Explora Park yesterday and includes aerial images of Medellín and its sporting, cultural and educational venues.

A ‘behind-the-scenes’ video is also in the works but is being kept confidential to avoid plagiarism. A third video, the one organizers call “the emotional one”, won’t be revealed until July, when the IOC announces the winner in Switzerland.

Osorio and Pérez meet on the field for the first time

Viernes, abril 26th, 2013

This Sunday’s soccer game between Nacional and Medellín is the first time coach Oscar Pérez goes up against Juan Carlos Osorio, a meeting that’s bound to be Experience vs. Youth.

“I don’t know the Medellín coach well. I understand he has been successful and that he is getting a well-deserved opportunity, but I don’t know the type of soccer he gives priority to,” Osorio said when asked about what he expects from his rival.

It will all come down to the players, who know perfectly well what to expect. Nacional forward, Jefferson Duque, for instance, said,  “We know they are coming out ready to give their lives for the institution. We will have to give our maximum effort if we want to win.”

Yonny Hernández preps for Qatar Grand Prix

Jueves, abril 4th, 2013

The 2013 MotoGP season opened officially yesterday with the first free practice for the Qatar Grand Prix at Losail International Circuit in Doha, and world champion from Spain, Jorge Lorenzo, gave rivals a glimpse of the kind of racing they can expect.

Colombian racer, Yonny Hernández, is in Qatar for the fourth year in a row, debuting with the Paul Bird team. He hopes to do better than last year, when he got 14th place overall.

Medellín, one of three finalists to host Youth Olympics

Miércoles, febrero 13th, 2013

Medellín, along with Buenos Aires, Argentina and Glasgow in the United Kingdom, were announced as finalists to host the Youth Olympic Games in 2018. Guadalajara, Mexico and Rotterdam, Holland are no longer in the running.

The Youth Games are a chance for athletes between 14 and 18 years of age to participate in a program similar to the Olympic Games, but with fewer challenges. The first Youth Olympics took place in Singapore in 2010 and the second will be in Nanjing, China in 2014.

A visibly excited Aníbal Gaviria, Mayor of Medellín, said this is not a government victory but one that belongs to an entire society, and asked citizens to remain committed to earning the honor of hosting the Games.

Paralympic athletes pursue different goals

Viernes, diciembre 7th, 2012

Germán Naranjo and Elkin Serna won silver together at the Paralympics in London this past summer, but this weekend they’re after different things. In Medellín, Serna is being recognized in a ceremony at the ‘Cerro a Cerro’ race, which connects two hills: the Nutibara and the Volador; he will also be competing in the race.

“I am grateful for the act, for showing the community who Elkin Serna is,” the athlete said.

Meanwhile Naranjo is running the 15 Km race in Buga in hopes of securing a spot in Brazil’s traditional San Silvestre race, as well as financial support to get there.

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