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Political parties will be heard in regards to peace negotiations

Miércoles, noviembre 5th, 2014

The Colombian Government’s head peace negotiator, Humberto de la Calle, said he will meet with the representatives of political parties to hear them out in regards to the peace process developing with the Farc guerrilla. Talks are approaching the two-year mark.

De la Calle said the meetings are meant to “not just inform us but also to listen to their opinions in open and transparent discussions, with the intention of hearing and welcoming recommendations and criticism.” He vowed that the Government will take criticism seriously and reiterated that there will not be an ‘armed peace’ because the Government will never agree to allow Farc to use weapons in politics.

“When an agreement is signed, weapons will be abandoned,” he said.

Farc murders two indigenous who took down a billboard

Miércoles, noviembre 5th, 2014

Farc’s 6th front murdered two indigenous men in Toribío, Cauca, after they took down a billboard commemorating the 3-year anniversary of the death of alias ‘Alfonso Cano’. Cano, who was once the chief of the guerrilla group, dies on November 4th of 2011 at the hands of the Colombian Military, during a military operation.

According to the People’s Defender’s office, the two indigenous victims had been looking for the perpetrators of an attack against the Nasa community leader, Edgar Tumiñá.

Jorge Armando Otálora, the People’s Defender, asked Farc negotiators engaged in peace talks with the Colombian Government in Havana (Cuba) to “at the very least agree to respect the civilian population.”

American actress helps take down sex traffickers in Colombia

Lunes, octubre 20th, 2014

American actress Laurie Holden, best known for playing Andrea on tThe Walking Dead, was part of the undercover operation that brought down a sex trafficking ring in Cartagena, Medellín and Armenia. Twelve arrests were made, three in Armenia, five in Cartagena and four in Medellín.

The 44-year-old actress was part of Operation Underground Railroad, which infiltrated the prostitution world in Cartagena, soliciting young prostitutes for an alleged bachelor party. The operation was carried out with the assistance of the Colombian Attorney General and the National Police as well as Homeland Security of the United States and the NGO Breaking Chains.

The sting captured video footage of the suspects bringing young girls to the supposed gathering; this was later used as evidence of criminal activity. 55 young girls being sold as sex slaves were rescued in the operation. The recordings will also be used for a documentary film called ‘The Abolitionists”.

Talks with Eln may be announced by December

Lunes, octubre 20th, 2014

Political analyst and director of the Peace and Reconciliation Foundation, Leon Valencia, said that considering how long exploratory talks between the National Government and the Eln have lasted and the rumors that have been circulating, it’s likely that Colombians will have an announcement in regards to peace negotiations with that group by the end of this year.

In response to questions about pressure from President Juan Manuel Santos, Valencia explained that it’s part of the talks and that what Mr. Santos has asked for is discretion when discussing the topic. Valencia indicated that the process with the Eln, as with Farc, will be part open and part confidential.

Two Farc members arrested in Bogotá

Jueves, octubre 2nd, 2014

A joint effort between the Police, the National Army and the Attorney General’s office led to the arrest of alias ‘Diego’ and alias ‘Juancho’, both members of Farc’s eastern front who were allegedly planning an attack with explosives in Bogotá. The suspects, ages 18 and 19 respectively, took orders directly from Farc financial chiefs to pressure victims with terrorist acts. They also recruited youngsters for the guerrilla group. Both pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit a crime and terrorism.

Andres Felipe Arias is in Florida

Jueves, julio 17th, 2014

Colombia’s Foreign Relations Minister, Maria Angela Holguin, confirmed to the press that former Minister of Agriculture Andres Felipe Arias is in the United States; once the Colombian Government knows what his sentence is, it will request his deportation.

A few days ago, Arias approached the Colombian Consulate in Miami to process some documents, and the Consul, “as was her duty, communicated with the Foreign Relations Ministry in Colombia, which in turn informed the Attorney General. Word on sentencing for Arias, convicted in the case of irregularities in contracts awarded as part of the Agro Ingreso Seguro program, should be known on Thursday.

Zuluaga speaks up in defense of Arias

Miércoles, julio 16th, 2014

Former presidential candidate for the Centro Democrático party, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, spoke publicly in defense of recently convicted former Minister of Agriculture, Andres Felipe Arias.

“The situation Andrés Felipe has had to face really hurts me because he never stole a single cent,” Zuluaga said, adding that he doesn’t know where Arias is and that he hasn’t heard from him in several weeks.

Zuluaga believes that, along with the case of former DAS director, Maria del Pilar Hurtado, the Arias case has been highly politicized. “It’s odd how a Court ruling is leaked two days before the runoff presidential election,” he said.

Military parade will include all branches of armed forces

Miércoles, julio 16th, 2014

The Colombian Army’s 7th Division announced that for the first time in 18 years, the military parade on July 20th, Independence Day, will include the Armada, the Air Force, the Army and the Police.

The celebration will begin at 9:00 a.m.with a religious ceremony in the Metropolitan Cathedral with military and governmental authorities in attendance and end with a celebration in San Antonio Park.

Colombia’s first Starbucks will be on 93rd in Bogotá

Martes, julio 8th, 2014

The Mexican group Alsea, Starbucks’ representative in Colombia, confirmed that the chain’s first store in Colombia will be located in Bogotá’s 93rd St Park, specifically in the lobby of a seven-story building. The store will be presented to the media on July 16th at 10:00 a.m..

The new Starbucks’ location will truly put the public’s preference to the test as there is an Oma Café, a Juan Valdez Café and a Café Renault located on the same block. Starbucks will have the advantage of space, however, as it’s bigger than any of the others with 250 square feet and two levels.

“To be located at the park is synonymous with the principle that the products offered must be high quality given the high profile of the public that frequents the area, which has high purchasing power,” said hospitality expert Luis Pombo.

Colciencias director dismissed

Martes, julio 8th, 2014

The controversy sparked by a 125,000-million peso reduction in the Colciencias budget for 2015 precipitated the dismissal of the entity’s director, Paula Arias. Arias explained that she has a hard time understanding how National Planning could choose to go from 414,000 million to 289,000 million for next year, which would leave the entity’s hand’s tied as it would be unable to operate.

“In an effort to understand the magnitude of this budget cut, the doctorate scholarships would disappear, we wouldn’t have the resources.”

The losers, she explained, will be science, research and the nation’s development because 50,000 million were already cut in 2013. “We are the only country in Latin America with decreasing investment in science and technology.”

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